parody by Rodrigo Girão
original by Mary Stevenson

One night I had a dream...

I dreamed I was walking on the beach with God, and through the sky passed scenes of my life. To each scene that passed, I noticed one pair of footprints was left on the sand, which were mine, but where were God's footprints? Or, more precisely: where was God? He had disappeared! I kept walking, hoping to reencounter Him at some moment.

When the last scene of my life passed before me, I still hadn't reencountered Him. I've looked back, to the footprints in the sand and I noticed there was only one pair of footprints as far as I could see, even long before the moment when I had noticed his absence. Even before the moment when I started my walk.

God was not there. He had never been. It all had been an illusion. I had been alone through all my walk. This frightened me a bit, but at the same time it made me proud: if He had never been there, all I achieved was by my own effort.

I look at my hands and realize they write my destiny. I decide my paths, not any deity. For the first time in my life, by seeing the truth, I can feel I'm really free.