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Real Ultimate Power


Hi, this site is all about my hero Ayn Rand, REAL AYN RAND.  This site is awesome.    My name is Leonard and I can't stop thinking about Ayn Rand. This girl is cool; and by cool, I mean objectively sweet.




1.    Ayn Rand is a philosopher.

2.    Ayn Rand checks her premises ALL the time.

3.    The purpose of Ayn Rand is to provide men - or those who care to think - with an integrated, consistent and rational view of life.



Weapons and gear:


We The Living
The Fountainhead
Atlas Shrugged




Ayn Rand can check her premises whenever she wants! Ayn Rand is rational ALL the time and doesn't even think twice about it. This girl is so crazy and awesome that she is rational ALL the time. I heard that Ayn Rand was once eating at a diner. And when some dude proposed a Steel Spoons Unification Directive, Ayn Rand swore by her life and her love of it that she would not live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for hers. My friend Nat said that Ayn Rand made him totally uppercut some legislator who attempted to revoke a charter granted to the Taggart Transcontinental.


And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you don't believe that Ayn Rand has REAL Ultimate Power you better get a life right now or she will denounce your irrational whim-worship!!! It's an easy choice, if you ask me. 


Ayn Rand is sooooooooooo sweet that I want to go on strike. I can't believe it sometimes, but I define it rationally with my volitional mind. She is totally awesome and that's a fact. Ayn Rand is fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, sweet, and objectively rational. I can't wait for the men of the mind to come back to the world. I love Ayn Rand with all of my body (especially my volitional mind).


Q and A:.



Q: Why is everyone so obsessed about Ayn Rand?

A: Because Ayn Rand provides men with an integrated, consistent, and rational view of life. She is no paradox. Check your premises: by the very nature of existence, there can be no paradoxes.


Q: I heard that Ayn Rand is too selfish. What's her problem?

A: Whoever told you that is a worshipper of collectivism who believes people exist to sacrifice themselves to each other. Rational selfishness is a virtue.


Q: What does Ayn Rand do when she is not checking her premises?

A: Most of her free time is spent attacking the corrupted values of collectivist societies, but sometimes she lectures. (Ask Howard if you don't believe me.)





This is my friend Howard Roark.

He exploded Corlandt because he was not paid,

which is bragable.